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CCNA Advanced Networking (mapped to CISCO-CCNA (ICND1))

WE PROVIDE YOU THE BEST TRAINING ON Advanced Networking (mapped to CISCO-CCNA (ICND1)) WITH HeadStar Technologies (IBM BP) EXPERT

If you are an aspirant for the networking industry, HeadStar Technologies (IBM BP) ensures that you are well prepared for the job market. Graduating a CCNA course will open up opportunities as CISCO Administrator, CISCO Network Engineer, Intranet Specialist, Network analyst, Network administrators, Network Messaging Manager, Network Operator Engineer, Network Support Engineer, Network Systems Analyst, Network Technician, Networking Manager and Solution Center Engineer. Our entire course structure is designed in a way that it will be easy for anyone to read, watch and practice. We cover all topics under CCNA certification and provide an ideal platform to explore the more advanced features of the subject. Our CCNA course structure includes installation, functional, configuration, verification and implementation of networking connections. When you graduate from our curriculum, you will be an expert in laying down all basic principles of networking equipment and configurations. You certainly will imbibe in a good idea relating to LAN / WAN technology. A CCNA certification from HeadStar Technologies (IBM BP) will certainly land you up in a highly benefitting job profile. Join this course and wake up the dormant network within you

 SESSION 1: INTRODUCTION TO Internetworking Basics

  • Internetworking Models
  • The Layered Approach
  • Advantages of Reference Models
  • The OSI Reference Model

  SESSION 2 : Ethernet Networking and Data Encapsulation

  • Ethernet Networks in Review
  • Collision Domain
  • Broadcast Domain
  • Half- and Full-Duplex Ethernet
  • Ethernet at the Data Link Layer
  • Ethernet at the Physical Layer
  • Ethernet Cabling

  SESSION 3 : Introduction to TCP/IP

  • Introducing TCP/IP
  • A Brief History of TCP/IP
  • TCP/IP and the DoD Model
  • The Process/Application Layer Protocols
  • The Host-to-host Layer Protocols
  • The Internet Layer Protocols
  • IP Addressing
  • IP Terminology

  SESSION 4 : Easy Subnetting

  • Subnetting Basics
  • How to Create Subnets
  • Subnet Masks
  • Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR)

  SESSION 5 : VLSMs, Summarization,Troublesho+D1oting TCP/IP

  • a. Concepts of Classes and Objects, Understanding OOPs
  • b. Creating and Using Class Libraries& Namespaces
  • c. Access Modifiers
  • d. Understanding Instance & Static members in Class
  • e. Type of method parameters in C#
  • f. Optional Parameters in C#
  • g. Defining properties and their type
  • h. Events and Delegates & Understanding Delegates
  • i. Understanding events & Overview of Constructors
  • j. Concept of Polymorphism & Understanding Inheritance

  SESSION 6 : Cisco’s Internetworking Operating System (IOS)

  • The IOS User Interface
  • Cisco IOS
  • Connecting to a Cisco IOS Device
  • Bringing Up a Switch
  • Command-line Interface (CLI)
  • Entering the CLI
  • Router and Switch Interfaces
  • Bringing Up an Interface
  • Viewing, Saving, and Erasing Configurations



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